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Saturday, April 12, 2008

‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 5: Blood Fever (Part 8)

Friday.  Last day before vacation and you would think that it would be a relaxing day.  But not my day.  First, my alarm went off this morning and I think I snoozed it too much.  So, the kids and I got up late.  Although, Heather doesn’t know it, and considering she never reads my blog, she may never know it.  I did manage to get the kids out the door on time and I got to work a little later than I wanted to.  I knew this was going to be a long and interesting school day from the minute I walked in the door at the beginning of the day.

The minute I walked in, there was a demand for me to set up the sound for the assembly at the beginning of the day today.  I put the event coordinator’s mind at ease and told her to relax as I had everything under control.  She was actually pretty good about relaxing and trusted me.  I took care of getting my classroom prepped for my final exams for the day and then went into the auditorium and turned everything on and set everything up.  Once I finished up with that, I then went back to my room, picked up my homeroom and headed into the auditorium.  We then did our “Everybody Matters at East Middle School” assembly.  We got done with the assembly and ran an hour delay schedule, which put me in quite the pinch.  That meant I only had thirty-five minutes with each period to finish up final exams.  Some classes had plenty of time, others didn’t have enough time at all.  But, somehow I got them all finished.  I was relieved that all my students got their exams done.  You think that would be enough before vacation, but it was not.

I got done with school and of course, what did I have?  You got it!  Tech rehearsal!  Yeah!  It went fairly well today considering that it was the afternoon of the first day of vacation and I had to force my students to stay behind to rehearse.  They were really good sports about it.  We got done with rehearsal and Heather suggested we got to Wal Mart and get some dinner out.  So, we went to IHOP and then went to Wal Mart to do some shopping and get some things she needed for the house.  We got done and came home and by the time I got home, it was already nine o’clock.  The kids watched some T.V. upstairs before going to bed.  Heather and I went downstairs and watched some T.V. while I graded final exams and then we went to bed early.  Heather had an early day to worry about tomorrow, so we went to bed a little early.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 5 (Part 8):  A form of bloodborne parasites had attacked Lesh’s nervous system and were now eating his brain.  This now made Mace understand that Lesh wasn’t high last night, but already infected.  Nick called them fever wasps and said that the larvae like the thyssel bark whne they hatch.  He explained that they would hatch through his skull.  Mace then said that the reading said he could still be saved, he suggested putting him in suspended animation and then take him to a hospital in Pelek Baw.  Besh shook his head no and Nick said that Lesh’s case is more advanced thatn the medpac scanner says, and Mace said the scanner does not lie.  That’s when Mace realized that the reading was of Besh.  Nick used the medpac anc checked Chalk and Mace for infection signs.  Mace then scanned Nick and said he was okay and Mace asked if there was a treatment.  Nick pulled out his blaster and said that was his treatment.  Mace was shocekd that his answer was to kill his friends.  Nick said just Lesh and Mace said he was going to treat Lesh like Chalk’s grasser and just shoot him in the skull.  Nick said they can’t as it just scatters the larvae.  He said they have to destory all the infected areas: brain, spinal cord, nervous system.  Nick said he would normally burn the body, but with the gunships, who knows what’s on it’s way back now!  Mace couldn’t believe what he was about to do, as he pulled out both his blade and Depa’s blade and turned them on.  Mace told them all to say goodbye to their friend and brother.  Besh got up and walked over to Chalk and collapsed in her arms crying of grief.  Nick got up, tears streaming down his face telling the Jedi Master that his friend is already gone.  After a breath, Mace began to do what had to be done…..

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Friday, April 11, 2008

‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 5: Blood Fever (Part 7)

Thursday.  A half day at school, but somehow things seem daunting even for a half day at school.  I got up this morning and got the kids motivated for the day.  I went and took a shower while my kids got themselves together and made lunches for everyone for their school day.  I looked at the calendar and reminded myself that I only have two more days before vacation.  I had to remind myself of that simply because I wanted to remember that I will get a break from work soon.  It may not be much of a break, but at least it’s a little bit of a break.  We all managed to get out the door on time and I headed off  to work and the kids headed off to school on time.

I got to school and set things up for giving some finals this morning.  We decided to run a period one through four schedule today which actually only gave me two classes to have to give final exams to.  It made it nice to set things up today and it also helped me get some things cleaned up in my room.  It also gave me a moment to go out onto the stage and start working on some construction that needed to get done before the play.  I gave my finals to the two classes and things went fairly smooth.  I will say that it’s going to make Friday a rough day because this means that several of my classes will be taking their finals tomorrow and we’re running an hour delay schedule for an assembly.  I guess I just need to get used to this idea that my days will just not be a full day.  I got done with the two classes I was teaching today and got things ready for this afternoon.  We still had play rehearsal this afternoon even though it was only a half day.  So I set up the microphones and got things ready for later.  I managed to get ahold of the tech from the High School and he’s letting us borrow some wireless mics from them that I have to go pick up this afternoon.  I also had Jim coming over to fill out some paperwork for SMASH with me here in my room.  I also had the students from tech club in my room that didn’t want to go home because we have practice at three-thirty and they can’t go home and come back.  So, when Jim came over to talk to me, I asked him to watch my students and I headed over to the High School to pick up the mics and came back.  I found Jim talking to our band teacher here about Winter Guard and we had an interesting discussion on the state of marching bands today.  We finished with our conversation and it was time to set up for the rehearsal.

Tech rehearsal went really well tonight, but I think a lot of that had to do with the simple fact that we had plenty of time to set up for rehearsal.  It also helped that I was able to get all the walkie talkies to work tonight.  We got done with rehearsal and I went home fairly late tonight.  When I got home, I had some leftovers for dinner and then went downstairs and crashed watching my usual Thursday night T.V. shows, “Survivor”, and “C.S.I.”.  After that, Heather and I went to bed together.  Even though it was only a half a day with students, it was still a long day for me.

Chapter 5 (Part 7):  Mace lowered his head as his heartbeat slowed.  He looked back behind him at the mess of dead akk dogs, grassers, and dead or wounded.  Chalk, Besh, and Lesh were back a ways as he flashed back to his vision this morning and Nick grabbed his attention and told him to calm down.  Chalk examined her extremely damaged grasser and it made one last groan as hse pulled out her pistol and shot it to put it out of it’s pain and misery.  Besh and Les were still by the akk they dodged behind, that was now a dead corpse.  Chalk got to the brothers before Nick and Mace and she turned pale at the sight of what she saw.  Besh was hugging his knees, seated on the ground with all sorts of used medical supplies scattered all around.  Lesh was laying on the ground having convulsions.  Mace thought it was a head wound, and as he went to hlep, Chalk told him to leave the medpac scanner alone as he was already dead.  He pulled up the scanner and read the display anyway.  Good news, Lesh wasn’t dead.  Bad news, he was infected….

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 5 (Part 6)

Wednesday.  Hump day, and boy did I get humped!  Well, metaphorically speaking of course!  I got up this morning and realized that today was going to be the first day of final exams with this particular group of students.  For some of my classes I can’t wait for them to change quarters and move on to another teacher.  For other classes, I wish I could just clone the class and get all my classes to do the same amount of work that some of them do.  Anyway, I got up this morning and got myself going for the day.  My own children seemed to be in a particularly good mood today.  Not quite sure why, but they just were and I would never argue with that, EVER!  Anyway, they goofed around a little, but managed to get themselves out the door on time.  I headed off to work and they headed off to school.  My day was going to be interesting to say the least.

I got to school and prepped everything for giving the final exams in my classes today.  It was a long day simply because I was giving final exams all day long and you could cut the tension in the room with a knife.  To make matters worse, I had to give my finals with no assistance and no reprieve.  I find it amazing that when other teachers give their finals in their classrooms they all need assistance, but when it comes to any arts teacher giving a final exam in their classroom, no assistance is provided.  Of course, I think I’m one of two arts teachers who still gives a final exam.  The rest don’t want to waste their time with it because they don’t get assistance.  Anyway, it was a long classroom day and most of my kids worked on their finals.  I had those choice few students who refused to take the exam.  I can only urge them to, I can’t take it for them.  I got done with my day, but my day wasn’t over.
After school it was time for tech rehearsal and things seemed to go okay.  Overall, I think the team is starting to come together and work fairly well together.  I’ll be happy when I can get my afternoons back, however, so I can get some things done that need to get completed.  I came home and had some dinner with the wife and kids and the kids cleaned up dinner and went off to bed while we went downstairs and relaxed a little before another long work day tomorrow.  Long day and tomorrow was going to be just as long.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars, Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 5 (Part 6):  From the Private Journals of Mace Windu:  I’m not sure how long I frowned at the sky, but I did finally climb down from Galthra’s back and released her Force-bond.  She went running off looking for Chalk as Nick came down the slope as giddy as a school boy at having watched me single handedly ravage three Balawai gunships.  By the time he got to me, I realized he was wounded on the side of his head.  I tired to tell him he was bleeding, but he couldn’t get over the fact that I alone had bested three gunships.  Mace tried to explain that he wasn’t alone, as The Force was his ally.  I will never forget that I watched the other two get away and Nick commented that it was a shame I couldn’t roast those ships either.  I was now mad at Nick, so furious I wanted to punch him.  Simply because he now suddenly understood my savage urge.  I was in shock.  I felt guilt like I couldn’t believe because for the first time in my life, I didn’t care that I took a life.  I felt for survivors in the wreckage but none existed, yet I am not sorry about how the fight turned out.  However, I did pass judgement throughout the fight and decided that the Korun lives were more important than the Balawai, which is not the Jedi way.  What I did gained no ground for peace and some may say that what happened here was an accident of war.  I may tend to agree with them.  I would agree if I had not this will to win no matter what.  Some sort of blood fever that I feel even now.  I haven’t fallen, not yet.  Instead it’s a feeling of anticipation that has been dissapointed.  Haruun Kal has now brought me so close to tumbling to the other side of control of The Force.  All of this is an aftermath of using the powerful Vaapad Jedi technique.  Part of Vaapad is the expectation that you will enjoy the fight.  It brings you on the edge of the Dark Side and I need to be careful, or I may know all too well what happened to Depa, as it may happen to me……

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 5: Blood Fever (Part 5)

Tuesday and I did not want to get out of bed this morning.  I just wanted to sleep in quite honestly, but Austin actually came into our bedroom and coaxed me out of coming out of bed.  I got the rest of the kids going for the morning and I went and took my shower.  The kids were really good about getting themselves going for the day today and I told them that I really appreciate that.  I cannot wait for the vacation next week because I’m so going to need that vacation to make sure that I can take some time for myself and not have to worry about anything or anyone else.  Well, anyway, it was time for me to get going for my work day and the kids started to get ready for school.  I left for work, the kids left for school and it was time to be off to the races.
My school day was easy enough.  My students were all doing a review Music Jeopardy game that was going to get them ready for their final exams which start tomorrow.  I spent some time today getting things ready for the final, but there really wasn’t much to my work day.  I just am not looking forward to starting the finals just because of the fact that students complain about taking them and I give them and get little to no help giving them.  But, it’s there to make sure my kids are actually learning something in my class.  I see them as a valuable tool, but I just wish the complaints about finals would stop.  As I say to my students, if they think they have a lot of tests now, wait till they get into high school and college!
I got done with my day and then managed to get my tech crew together for our first full rehearsal today.  We tried to run all of the equipment at once.  We didn’t do too bad considering that we were working with a bunch of walkie talkies that weren’t working too well together.  We got done with rehearsal and we got out a little late today because the first day never goes as smooth as the rest.  I came home and Heather and I ate dinner with the kids quick and then they cleaned up dinner and went to bed.  We helped them clean up dinner and then went downstairs and crashed for the evening.  It was quite the day and night.  I can’t believe that there is only three days till spring break.  In some ways I can’t wait for it, and in other ways I can’t believe how fast this year has been going by.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint:  A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..
Chapter 5 (Part 5):  Instead of dodging, Mace stopped Galthra and decided to give them a taste of Vaapad.  Mace turned on both his own lightsaber and Depa’s as well.  Mace moved so fast that it caught even the gunners on the ships unawares.  Mace managed to deflect two shots at each of the two damaged gunships, knocking them off target locking capabilities; and one right at the front transparisteel viewport of the thrid gunship knocking in a gigantic hole.  Then he pulled out the over-under from around his shoulder and shot a grenade into the cockpit.  He was surprised to find it wasn’t a Nytinite grenade, but thought to himself that it was the same difference as it burst out white goo.  The goo glued all the members in place and they could do nothing as the gunship flew off the cliff and into the face of the ridge.  As he grabbed his two lightsabers to prepare for the onslaught brought on by the other two gunships, he frowned as he noted that they were moving away from the scene.  He felt distressed, unhappy, uncomfortable, basically unsatisfying……
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Monday, April 7, 2008

‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 5: Blood Fever (Part 4)

Monday.  Beginning of the week and I feel all of a sudden like I didn’t have a restful weekend at all.  However, looking back on my weekend, I really never had a moment to rest until last night.  I guess that’s my lot in life when it comes to being a Star Wars costumer.  And I’m not even a hard time costumer like some I know.  I got up this morning and had a feeling that I just didn’t want to get up.  I don’t know why I say that, but I just feel that I needed more rest somehow.  I got up and got the kids up and while I got ready for work, they made lunches for everyone, including me.  It was pretty silent this morning in the house which isn’t typical.  Usually Austin is the one who is so talkative and energetic, but I think he was tired from the weekend as well.  Tara and Ruth were very tired too, I could just tell they were.  We all managed to get out the door on time and I headed off to work and school.

This was pressure time at work.  I had to try to get everyone on the same page for the finals that are starting in my class on Wednesday.  I also managed to find out today that not only do I have a half day on Thursday, but that we are having an assembly on Friday and we’re going to run the one-hour delay schedule.  So, all of a sudden, I find myself having only one full day to actually give my finals in some classes.  I really hate having to plan last minute.  It changed how I was going to have to look at my schedule for the rest of the week.  I managed to get through my school day with my students and didn’t feel too pressured, but got done what needed to get done.  I was exhausted by the end of the day, but there was much more that needed to be accomplished.

I finished teaching today and it was time to get right to tech rehearsal for the musical at my school.  I was able to start pulling out all the equipment with my students today and we were able to try and work with all of the sound and lighting equipment.  It was nice to at least try and get to everything and make sure all the equipment still works the way we want them to.  We had a decent rehearsal today and things are starting to look up for the set on stage.  We got done with rehearsal and raced home to eat dinner.  We got done with dinner and then I rushed off to Scouts with Austin.  We had an okay Scout meeting tonight.  We talked a little more about car maintenance and showed the boys in our unit how to change a tire on a car and how to maintain their bikes at home, by oiling their chains and adjusting their seats.

We got done with Scouts and went home.  Austin helped finish dishes from dinner and then headed off to bed with the rest of he kids.  Heather and I sat down and watched our usual gambit of Monday night shows, including:  “Big Bang Theory”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Two and a Half Men”, “C.S.I:  Miami”, among others.  We went to bed after that.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 5 (Part 4):  The missile locked onto Mace and the akk dog and the second it was launched, the akk dog and Mace made a leap acrossed the crevace they were standing over.  As the missile got closer, Mace used The Force to nudge the missile just past him and his new found animal friend into the oncoming lead gunship.  It took the missile right up the nose of the gunship.  Teh pilot tried to maintain control of the mess of smoke and metal his gunship had become.  The third gunship did all it could to reverse thrusters and repulsors so as to not run into the back side of the first gunship.  Mace raced with Galthra at the hulk of Chalk’s grasser, picked up the Thunderbolt and aimed it at the thrid gunship now.   He fired several parting shots and turned backwards on Galthra’s backat the gunships.  Although it didn’t penetrate the armor, it mad an unsightly sound!  The third gunship fired a pair of missiles at the two, but Galthra reacted so quick, they didn’t even come close.  Then Mace felt a disturbance in The Force as all three ships were preparing to fire their side-mounted laser turrets which had already locked onto him…..

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 5: Blood Fever (Part 3)

Sunday.  It’s time for me to drive home and I have to say that it seems like the drive home is going to seem longer than the drive up here.  Austin and I got up around seven-thirty or so and said good-bye to my parents before they had to go to church this morning.  Austin was bright eyed and bushy tailed as he always is in the morning and I can’t say the same for me.  Me, I was my usually groggy self before getting ready for the day.  After saying goodbye to my parents, Austin got things packed up in the room while I hoped in the shower before we left.  I know it wasn’t that long ago, but it seems like we’ve been gone way more than one day.  I got out of the shower and got things put together and then we loaded up the car.  We did one last “room sweep” to make sure we had everything and then we were out the door and into the car and on our way home to Binghamton.  But before we could get on the Thruway, there were some things we needed to take care of.  We went to the Webster Delta Sonic and got some gas.  I was pleased to find out they had a Dunkin Donuts there as Austin and I were going to stop at McDonald’s on our way home, but I like Dunkin Donuts’ breakfasts better.  We got some donuts, juice, and a coffee to go and got right on the road.  As my dad would sing, “On the road again!”

We then got right onto 490 and then right onto the Thruway.  Austin and I talked for a little while and I have to say that my son has really become quite the little man.  He has a lot of maturing to do, but I am impressed with how mature he is at the point at which he is in life.  He really understands the world a lot better than I did at his age.  In some ways, it makes his old man very proud of him!  Anyway, after a while, he fell asleep and I was desperate to try and keep my attention and it was now ten o’clock in the morning and I figured that Heather was awake by now, so I called her and talked with her until I got to Syracuse.  I got off the Thruway at the Syracuse exit and Austin and I got off at the exit for the Carousel Mall.  I can’t believe that they’ve started construction on the mall project in Syracuse.  They plan on making the Carousel as big as the Mall of America and I have to say that when the mall is done, it’s going to be HUGE!!!  I was impressed with how big they plan on making it.  They took out half the parking, which I think will be an issue later on when trying to put in parking for the mall.  Austin and I went in and used their restrooms and it was about ten o’clock or so.  I thought the mall shops would be open, but so my surprise they were not.  I was a little upset as I had heard at the Zahn event yesterday that the “build your own lightsaber” kit from Master Replicas was now down to $50 at Radio Shack.  So, I thought I would pick it up on my way home, but evidently that wasn’t the case.  So, Austin and I got on the road again.  Once we got onto I-81, Austin fell asleep again and I started text-flirting with my wife, which is something we do for fun.  I got home by noon and was exhausted.  So Austin, Heather, and myself all had a short little nap while the girls finished folding laundry in the living room upstairs.

We rested for about a half an hour and then decided to go out and have a lunch out of the house, so we headed to Burger King and had a fast-food lunch.  It saved Heather some work at home and made the kids happy all at once.  We then headed over to Radio Shack to see if they had the lightsabers.  They didn’t have them, but had one shipped from Rochester to Binghamton.  We stopped at CVS and the Giant on our way home.  We got home and I took everything apart from the weekend and put it away.  I also got a little choked up when I realized all the work that had to be done, yet again, on my armor.  Crap!  Anyway, I then went downstairs and worked on a bunch of different things, including catching up on some more grading and doing what I needed to, to get things ready for the end of the quarter.  Before I knew it, it was dinner time and I went upstairs and helped Heather grill a little and we all sat down and ate dinner.  After dinner I sat down and just watched some T.V. and then Heather and I went to bed.  It’s been a long day and I’m hoping this is not a signal as to how long my week is going to be this week.  We’ll have to see.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 5 (Part 3):  Mace moved the grenade into the starbooard turbojet intake using The Force.  The grenade wasn’t a grenade persay, it simply contained gas and that is what streamed out of the engine.  That is, until engine parts  went whizzing all over the piece of metal that ripped the engine apart from the inside.  The ship went swerving and bounced off the side of the mountain cliff they were standing under and Mace asked Nick if he had any questions.  Mace then took off, using The Force to leap and jump from place to place trying to avoid the flames form the fires.  He headed off toward Chalk and her akk dog named Galthra.  Two more gunships approached as Besh’s grasser was down and burning alive.  Lesh’s grasser had already been blown to pieces.  Both Lesh and Besh were now hiding behind one of the dead akk dogs using it’s strong skin as protection from the blaster fire.  Mace noted that behind himself the first gunship pilot managed to gain control of his ailing ship.  As he noted this, he felt that Chalk was still alive, so he stole her connection to her akk dog, Galthra, by using The Force and connecting the akk dog to himself.  Mace managed to flip through the air and land on Galthra’s back.  Although she was not trained to carry creatures with her the two entities began to act as one.  Mace then loaded up the over-under with another grenade as Mace noted that another gunship had pulled up just behind them and opened a missile launch bay door.  Mace couldn’t help but note the perfect timeing of this situation…..

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‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 5: Blood Fever (Part 2)

Saturday.  What a day!  I’m exhausted as I write this and I even know that I’m writing this later than it happened, but I’m still exhausted!  My parents had an awesome breakfast prepared for Austin and I.  We got up around seven o’clock this morning and we had some nice Belgian waffles with my parents.  My mom was so proud at being able to use the new waffle maker she got for Christmas, how could we not eat the waffles they made.  Besides, they were really good!  Austin and I ate our fill of waffles and then started to get our things together for today.  We were out the door by about eight-thirty and headed for the Fairport School District Middle School where the Teen Book Fair was going on that Timothy Zahn was going to be at.  On our way there, Charles called to tell me that he was already there.  I got to the school and went in and scoped out the facilities with Charles.

They weren’t great facilities, but we’ve had worse before too, so they weren’t bad either.  We got a locker room to change in which really wasn’t a bad choice by the event coordinators.  Charles and I talked for quite a bit of time while we waited on Charles’ wife Mary to show up with the rest of his Qui Gon costume.  Charles’ costume finally got there and we all went into the locker room and changed.  Evidently we didn’t get changed fast enough because we missed the “grand entrance” (which wasn’t that grand from what I heard) of the authors.  We did get to be highlighted at the opening ceremony of the event and there were cameras and flash photography everywhere.

Overall, the event was a blast.  The audience was really accepting of the group and they love me in Mando and my son in mini-Mando.  It really was a great event with the crowd and with the authors.  I was a little disappointed as I didn’t get a chance to interview Mr. Zahn, but I did get a chance to get a new copy of “Heir to the Empire” signed as well as my autograph book as well.  It was a great time.  We had a schedule and it wasn’t too bad.  I was impressed with the fact that they provided each of us with a lunch and all we had to do was act as “security” at one of Timothy Zahn’s question sessions.  I convinced Charles to stay a little longer in the morning and throughout the morning he and Mary told me more about our member in the Binghamton group and what is going on in his life.  I wanted to leave the event and go sweep my friend away from his problems, but we weren’t sure that would even help if he needed it.  We talked for quite some time and I really felt closer to Charles and Mary before either one of them left.  I stuck around till almost the end of the event.  I did find out some interesting info on the Rochester group and the 501st group which may help to mend some fences that have been broken in the past.  We’ll have to see as time will only tell when it comes to those things.

We got done with the event and both Austin and I went out to my car to put things away.  However, while we were there, my vest was hanging on my trunk and it got blown off and it fell onto the ground and the collar piece broke on the back.  In some ways I was upset, but not really.  I needed to make a new collar piece for my backplate and this would give me the excuse to get it done.  I got done with the event and tried to get ahold of Josh and was unable to do so.  So, I called my mom and told her that Austin and I were on our way to Nick Tahous to get some garbage plates and that we may be home later or maybe not depending on whether or not I can get ahold of Josh.  I no more than hung up on her than Josh called me and said I could eat dinner with them and to pick him and Jo up two more garbage plates.  So, we headed out to Lyle Avenue in Rochester (took the scenic route as I had forgotten how to get there).  We got there and Charles called me while I was in Tahous (Which is now called Stevie T’s for those of you that don’t know now) and said we should try and get together later.  I agreed and asked where and we agreed to meet at the Webster Friendly’s later.  So, we got our plates to go and headed to Josh and Joanne’s.

Austin did his best to try and keep the plates level but the poor guy had more hot sauce and grease spilled on himself than I think I’ve ever eaten from Tahous.  But, as he stated, he saved the car!  We went in the house and visited with Josh and Joanne and got a chance to meet Lily (I think that’s how you spell it).  She’s such a cute girl and I have to say very quiet.  I didn’t want to hold the baby for several reasons.  I still have this fear of holding babies.  I’m always afraid I’m going to drop them which I got over for my own children, but I’m not sure I could do for someone else’s children.  Also, I still have some of that cold that I’ve had over the past few weeks and I just didn’t think it would be fair for me to get her sick.  Besides, Joann looked like she really was bonding well with Lilly.  We all sat down and ate some Tahou’s plates together and then visited for a little bit.  I told Josh I would have to leave when Charles called me to let me know he was leaving work in Henrietta.  After about an hour of visiting, Charles called and Austin and I left.  We went to my parents’ house and they agreed to watch Austin.  I explained to them about the situation with my friend in Binghamton and that Charles and I wanted to sit down and talk about the situation.  They were okay with it and watched Austin while I went to Friendly’s.  Charles, Mary, and myself talked about a lot of different things and yet again, I feel as though Charles and I really have found an understanding with each other.  We agreed that our friend needed help, but we didn’t know how to help him.  I told Charles that I would help in any way.  Even if that meant taking over some of the work on the FanForce group to take the pressure off of our friend and Charles said he would let me know after he talked to him.  We had a great time talking and I hate to say it, but it wasn’t till midnight that I got home.  I felt bad for my parents as I didn’t even do that to them as a teenager.  But, my dad seemed okay with it.  I went right to bed and tried to get some sleep before our ride home tomorrow.  Wow!  What a day and I have to drive home tomorrow!
Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 5 (Part 2):  The gunships fired concussion missled back down the pass at Besh and Lesh.  These explosions sent pieces of molten rock through the air that scolded both Mace and Nick’s clothes.  Mace used The Force to snag the over-under and grenade packs they captured from Pelek Baw and told Nick to jump.  At that, a missile hit their own grasser as both men jumped off.  Mace used The Force to guide both their jump and their landing, but Nick still managed to get knockes unconscious from the blast.  Mace place him between two boulders that would shield him from the heat of he fire and told NIck to stay there.  Nick asked if he was crazy and if he knew what those gunships carried.  Then Mace told him exactly what weapons were on these heavy weaponed ships.  Then Nick said that their armor is impenetrable as Mace put a grenade into the over-under.  Nick asked Mace what he was gonna do and Windu simply said, win.  As the gunship went to make another pass, Mace launched a grenade from his over-under.  He wasn’t concerned with aim and that is why he launched the grenade in such a high over-arching path…..

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 5: Blood Fever (Part 1)

Friday.  What an end of the week it has been.  I did a  whole mess load of things today and I found out so much more information.  I guess you could say that in many ways, today was a day of overload for me.  It started this morning and continued to be a day of overload until I got into Rochester this evening.  Somehow I managed to make it there safely.  But, let’s talk about our day first.  I woke up this morning and got last minute things together.  Austin was running on cloud nine.  He couldn’t believe we were going to meet a Star Wars author tomorrow and he was even more excited at the fact that he would be getting into his costume again.  So, I managed to get him calmed down enough to at least get him ready for school.  The kids were good about getting ready for school and I prepped them for the weekend and told the girls that I would not see them after tonight for about five minutes until Austin and I get home on Sunday afternoon.  They understood, but they both were going to miss me.

We got ourselves ready and the kids headed off to school and I headed off to work.  Today was the last day to do some aspects of my classroom.  For example, my first period class finished filming for their music videos, which they were happy about.  My sixth grade classes had their last opportunity to watch American Idol Season 7 today.  My other classes had their last chance to practice keyboard before the final exam.  Next week, I will have two days to get my students ready for the final exams and then I will be giving the final on the last three days of the week for the end of the quarter.  School went okay with relatively few problems.  I had some issues about microphones I need for the musical, but it’s something that I won’t get into on this blog.  I’ll simply say that the same frustrations that I had as a marching band director came out again today.  It really makes me wonder if we really are here for the kids or not at moments in time. 

Anyway, my school day ended and I vented to the director of the musical and we then went in and worked on a whole bunch of things for the musical.  We put up all the set back drops and basically got the set put up today.  It was quite a task, but for the most part it’s done.  Other things need to be done and the set needs to be stabilized a little bit, but it’s safe for the students and that’s what’s most important.  While I was here, Heather brought something to drink to me and talked to me a little bit before I had to leave here.  I got done working with everyone here and then I headed on over to Roosevelt school.

I met Jim and the SMASH members there and we sat down and ate a dinner of some pizza and water and talked about our performance for tonight.  We worked out some aspects of the show and did a little bit of practicing before the audience began to trickle in.

SMASH performed for quite a crowd tonight.  Although, we usually get quite the crowd at Roosevelt.  I think the PTSA probably did pretty well on their fundraiser and I have to say that our performance tonight was one of the best we’ve done since I’ve joined the group.  It has me excited about the prospects of getting things done to potentially join a T.V. show that we’re looking into for the group.  Let’s just say that our group has “Got Talent” and I think you’ll all figure it out.  Well, we had a good concert and I got done and I had to boogie out of there.  As a surprise, Heather came to watch the concert with my kids and they enjoyed their time as well.  I did have to get upset with my son as we were trying to leave as he decided he knew the way to the car and didn’t follow us and got himself lost in the school.  I had to do my “fatherly yell” for my son and I got some dirty looks from people there.  But hey, I’m a father and it’s my right to yell at my son if I feel he needs to be yelled at.  You may not agree, but that’s what makes me a parent.  So, we finally got my son and b-lined our way out of there.

We got back to the house and we unloaded my car of all of my stuff from the day today.  That included tools and other various thinks I used and the instruments and my SMASH bag.  Then I loaded up my armor trunks and my suit cases for the trip to Rochester.  It took us a little time and by the time I got loaded up and got going it was about nine o’clock.  I called my parents on the road to let them know I was on my way and I had to leave a message as they were at a meeting for their church, which I totally understood.  So, I decided that since I was on my way to Rochester and I had time to kill on my way there, I could call my buddy Josh.  He had called earlier this week, but I just didn’t have time to call him back.  So, I called Josh and found out that the other day when he talked to my wife, he wanted to, but didn’t tell her that he and Joann had their child.  Her name is Lilly and they had her about two weeks ago.  I feel guilty that I didn’t know and Josh commented about how I obviously don’t read Scott’s blog anymore and I told him that if I don’t have time to call him, then I obviously don’t have time to read Scott’s blog.  Heck, I have a hard enough time trying to keep up with this particular blog.  We talked for a little bit, but he had to go as Lilly finally fell asleep for a while, which I totally understand.  I got done talking with Josh and decided to talk to my buddy Charles.

I couldn’t get ahold of Charles at first.  Charles is a friend of mine from the Binghamton FanForce that now lives in Rochester because he’s going to MCC for college to become a social studies teacher.  Anyway, I left Charles a message and then called my parents again.  This time I got ahold of my mom and she told me that my brother has had quite the week.  Evidently he’s had two students of his die in one week.  He’s not feeling great about himself and I guess the whole school is in mourning.  She said I should try to call him when I can, and I said I understood.  I no more than got off the phone with my mom and my wife called and talked to me a little bit about her day and to just talk for a little bit.  I then got a phone call from Charles and we talked for a while.  Charles then told me that one of our friends is going through some problems at home and that things are getting worse instead of better.  We talked for a while about this friend who is a member of the the Binghamton FanForce and the more we talked, the more I realized that I had no idea what was going on in my friends’ life.  I felt horrible and wished there was something I could do, but it just appears that I can’t.  I don’t like that feeling.  Anyway, I did convince Charles to join me at the event for Timothy Zahn tomorrow and he’s going to bring his wife and hang out with me and my son for a while.  I no more than go off the phone with Charles until I was at the Rochester exit off of the Thruway and driving on 490 toward y parents’ house.  Austin and I got there around eleven-thirty.  Not bad timing considering we had left at nine o’clock.  Austin went right to bed and I stayed up a little bit and talked to my parents.  Tomorrow was going to be another long one.  I had the Zahn event and I wanted to go to Nick Tahoes and get a Garbage Plate and I wanted to visit with Josh, Joann, and Lilly for a little bit too.  It will be a fun, but long weekend!
Okay, so let’s talk about one of my non-Zahn books.  Let’s cover Part 1 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 5 (Part 1):  The gunship got closer with it’s fire ad flame as the grasser leaped from rock to rock avoiding the ship.  Nck swore to himself as he tried to hold unto the bucking grasser for dear life.  Mace used The Force to help decipher the path of the gunship to try and alter the path of the grasser.  He jammed his arm into the grasser’s muscles which made it lep to miss two shots of fire and flame.  It did manage to catch some of the grasser’s fur on fire, but Mace used The Force to fan the flames with air.  By this point, Mace and Nick were choking on the flames of the burning chemicals as they watched Chalk use her grasser as a shield.  As their grasser continued to move, Mace pulled a hypo out of their stolen medkit and jammed it into Nick’s back as it sprayed both of them.  Mace explained that it was a gas binder and would keep them conscious.  Nick pointed out that this would keep them awak while they’re burned to death!  As Chalk’s grasser yelped in pain, it threw her several meters as her akk cried out sharing in her pain.  The gunship turned around for another pass as Mace used The Force to search for some sort of Shatterpoint, and that’s when he realized that it was the akk dogs, they grew up near the volcanoes and were impervious to flame attacks…..

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Friday, April 4, 2008

‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 4: The Summertime War (Part 14)

Thursday and most people would be excited that the week is almost over.  For me, it just brings me closer to a day that won’t end till late, and that’s Friday.  Today I was doing all sorts of things to get myself ready for tomorrow which was going to be mass chaos.  I got up this morning and the kids and I got ready for work and for school.  Part of my getting ready for work included getting ready for tomorrow.  That meant that I had to pack my bags for Rochester for one day.  While I was doing this, the kids continued to help by helping me pack up some things around the living room and dining room that needed to be taken care of before I took off to work.  We ate some breakfast together and then the kids were off to school and I was off to work.

School was okay today.  It started off slow today as over half my first period was out on a field trip, so I didn’t teach a lesson to those students and for the rest of the students I had tests to give them and some last minute preps for tests that may happens next week.  It was a tough day for both the students and myself and somehow, I had to convince myself to make it through the day today.  I got done with school and worked with the tech crew today.  Today was a little more exciting as I finally got the sound system working and we got a chance to get an idea of what the system is capable of.  The kids enjoyed the fact that the sound system seemed a lot more complex than they initially thought it was going to be.  I got done with tech rehearsal and came right home to have dinner with Heather and the kids.  I got home and we all ate dinner right away and then I went downstairs and started to pull my equipment upstairs for the weekend.  Why?  Well, once I leave for school tomorrow, I won’t be home for long after that till I’m in Rochester and getting ready for the event on Saturday.  I finished the work on my backplate and managed to get things packed up this evening which I didn’t think was going to happen, but somehow it did.  On top of that I did manage to get my Two-Week reports filled out for my students to hand out tomorrow.  It was a busy night and I got a lot done in very little time.  The T.V. was on in the background, but I don’t ever remember stopping to actually watch the T.V.
Okay, enough of that, let’s talk about Part 14 of Chapter 4 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 4 (Part 14):  It was not day again and the akks gave a warning of multiple gunships approaching.  Nick’s nerves were now permeating Mace’s mind through The Force.  He worried as they were coming to an open area of the jungle and they would be exposed to the gunship fire.  Suddenly, Nick turned aorund his grasser and said Lesh was in trouble and Mace couldn’t help but remember the vision he had this morning.  Mace stood in his saddle and used The Force to balance himself so he could look forward as they moved.  As they turned the corner, they found Lesh down with the akk dog licking his face.  Besh leaped off his grasser to his brother’s side as Nick shouted at Lesh to get up so they could go on.  Then Mace sensed a shif in anxiety as gunships passed and Nick said they may not have seen them, but Mace confirmed they were spotted.  However, instead of swooping by, they hovered over top of their position.  Nick asked Mace if he’s heard of the expression, “we’re cooked”.  As he said this, the gunship began to torch the forest around them.  Nick said this phrase may become literal.

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